Pancho in Dominica

When you get to Roseau, Dominica there is one operator you must get to know and use. This is Pancho, reachable on VHF channel 16, e-mail, or cell (767) 235 3698 or (767)295-0525 or (767)448-1698.

Arrival and moorings
Pancho will come out and guide you in, even if it is after dark and help you get onto a mooring. Mooring typically run about EC25 per night. Water is very deep and there are all kinds of winds and currents, so I really suggest picking up a mooring.

For EC30 he will take you to customs and help you clear in. This is a simple process. Customs does immigration too. For my wife and I on our catamaran customs charged me EC13 to clear in and EC2 to depart.

WaterIn front of his house he has water that he sells for EC30 for 100 gallons. You easily pick up a mooring off his house, which he will help you do, and run a stern line to his house and he brings the hose out to you once settle. This is “spring water”. Dominica really has great drinking water.

Also on the moorings close to Pancho’s house, he has internet. If you use Pancho’s services, Internet is free.

Dominica is really an unique, beautiful island with a lot to see and do. There are great waterfalls, rivers and diving. There are so many options of things to do from a few hour activities to several days. Again, ask Pancho and he can help custom build what you need to suit your budget.

other services
Pancho is honest, fair and very friendly. He is not the aggressive operator like so many of the waterfronts in the Grenadines. He is easy to work with, fun and really understands the needs for services. His wife, Cecile, a Belgian who has lived in Dominica for over a decade, spent many years in the full crew charter boat business and offers a helping hand. They understand the privacy so many boaters seek when on the water, and the needs of the sailors and power boaters to get things done and have a great time. He can help getting fuel, food, take you to the market, find a mechanic or get sail repair. Some of these things he offers for free, but a tip is always appreciated. Pancho and Cecile will make your Dominica experience special. They are part of the Waterfront Association. Darlene and I came to spend a day or two, and spent over a week.

Unlike many other Caribbean Islands, Dominica is safe. It has a population around 70,000 people, English is their first language even though they are wedged between two French Islands.

If you are not on a boat, you can stay at the Anchorage Hotel in Roseau as one of many options. They offer affordable basic accommodations, with a swimming pool and are right on the water. We had flying fish for lunch one afternoon, which was excellent. But what you must really eat, is the chocolate cake with ice cream. This was a treat, though on the higher side at EC12, but well worth it.

You must visit the market. You can get their by dingy tying up at the fishing dock next to customs, or have Pancho deliver you, especially if there is a swell. On Friday and Saturday’s the market opens at 3 am. Yes, you read correct, three in the morning and apparently its a happening place and goes quiet after 8 am. Happy travels in Dominica.

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