On George Floyd Murder

We are all shocked by the police murder of George Floyd. Jesse Bougardt and I discuss the this murder, racism in the Unite States, the Amy Cooper incident and why we must vote. Include in the page are also relative discussion by activists on the militarization of the US police force, Trevor Noah and his viewpoint, the arrest of journalists which is a violation the right to free speech,  why it matters to vote in an address by President Barack Obama and more. We not only have to solve the issue of police brutality, but the underlying problems that is fertile ground for racism to thrive in. We need to understand history not just in the US, but also to South African’s, why Steve Biko matters. What stand will you take to address injustice? Vote! Its your duty.



If we want to make a difference, we cannot be silent. To text, rant on social media may be a start, its not the end towards changing the injustices of our society. We absolutely have to get and and vote! We need to know what our candidates values are before we elect them and hold them accountable to our responsibility of representation. Those whose values we don’t appreciate, don’t represent our character, should not be asked to serve us. The police are hired with our taxpayer dollars to protect our communities. They are there to serve us, not endanger our lives.

Remember its your responsibility to VOTE!


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