Third world survival

Our neighbor down the road in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic is a 25 year old mother of a 4 year old diabetic son. Her mother died when she was 4 and basically raised herself. Through her eyes, I am getting a … Continue reading

Medical Volunteers

Around the globe are people in need. Some years ago I met Mark Stanley and became familiar with a passion of his…Getting young American university youth out into the world to gain experience. During their spring break, many come to … Continue reading

Motion Picture Deal

In early November last year I did a keynote for PNC Bank at the Ocean Reef Club in Florida. I made reference in my keynote to the desire to make a motion picture on my story that the audience had … Continue reading

Eric Litman – Jazz Player

If you love jazz, then you want to hear Eric Litman, one of the most amazing jazz musician… I have known Eric for 5 years and heard him play many times. He once played on my yacht for me and … Continue reading

Creating a brick pizza oven.

Thinking about building a pizza oven. This was a long, hard process, the thinking about it. Needed to sleep on it a bit, consult my side kick Darlene, motivate myself, then get Jacques aboard, not that it was hard as … Continue reading

Customer viewpoint on Neal Petersen

Dee Costa is the president of Asset Marketing Systems and hired Neal to be the closing motivational keynote for her annual conference. This one minute video is her response to working with Neal and Darlene. We got the job because … Continue reading

The Unlimited Possibilities

Each day we are presented unlimited possibilities. Today it is possible to make a new friend, find a different business partner, enjoy someone to laugh with, share an encounter. Each possibility could be perceived as positive, or negative. We are … Continue reading

NCACC Public Service

Following the standing ovations Neal Petersen keynote for the opening of NC Association of County Commissioners opening general session, Neal conducted a 3 hour workshop on leadership. Interviewing Commissioner Sidney Dunstan who shares the lessons he learned in the session… … Continue reading


Each new adventure brings us something. As we shift through the island chain, we shift not just languages, culture, food, but we deal with official-dom. Customs and immigration are the doors to these island adventures that we must pass through … Continue reading