Neal Petersen public free event Asheville, NC

South African- born, Neal Petersen is a world-class professional solo racing yachtsman, global investor, award-winning author of Journey of a Hope Merchant and the subject of a PBS documentary. Petersen has faced many challenges in life – poverty, discrimination, childhood … Continue reading

Visit to Grenada Prison

Every island nation has a prison and some are located within the most incredible real estate with high value views. Grenada is one such island, but no Devil’s Island with cliffs and strong currents. Instead it’s an old fort looking … Continue reading

Economic future via youth sailing

We travel to various locations, recently Trinidad to look at the impact of youth sailing programs and understand if there is a correlation on the marine industry and what is the possible impact on small island nations or coastal countries. … Continue reading

Boat work Trinidad

A quick look at where to go, who to deal with based on our experiences in Trinidad. The marine industry is a funny business. Owning a boat is a costly affair that grows more and more as the boat ages. … Continue reading


The last few months have been fairly hectic. Our granddaughter, Shelby and her mom, Heather, spent 5 months living on board “El Gecco” with us. We sailed from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, then on to the US Virgin Islands, … Continue reading

Re-uniting with Bill Pinkney

More people have traveled to outer space than sailed alone around the world via the Southern Oceans. Of all the tens of billions of people who have lived on this planet, less than 300 people have circumnavigated the planet via … Continue reading

TEDx Reno Appearance

We had a very successful time in Reno, NV on our first TEDx experience. Great team to work with, standing ovation after my address and we spent a lot of time in the community giving four more talks at the … Continue reading

Goodbye Madiba

Today is another sad day in our world with the loss of Madiba. Nelson Mandela is a man who has shown that change is possible, that transitions can happen peacefully and that there is room for forgiveness. I did not … Continue reading


This may be a sad day as we make our final farewell to my mother, Dr. Stella Petersen, but it is also a celebration of a life fully lived. A life that has been, not only impactful, but significant for … Continue reading

Funeral Service Details For Dr. Stella Petersen

November 21, 2013 the world lost a legend, a leader, visionary, activist, teacher, my mother, Dr Stella Petersen of Cape Town, South Africa. She was more than my Mother; she was my teacher, my inspiration, my heroine. Though we may … Continue reading